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December 12, 2004
Have you noticed any of your neighbors that suddenly think your husband's jokes are incredibly funny?
11/30/04 Burglary of a Building; the laughing gas was stolen from Heritage Family Dentistry, at 5110 Heritage. The complainant reported 2 blue colored, Nitrous Oxide gas cylinders were taken, value not available.

12/04/04 Criminal Mischief by unknown suspect(s) to two vehicles was reported to Officer Isaac Soto at 6102 Sunderland Drive. Chevy Tahoe sustained damage to the drivers side mirror to the tune of $200, and a Ford F600 had a damaged windshield that will cost the resident $300 to repair.

12/04/04 Theft of two Firestone front tires off a Case Bobcat front end loader were reported to Officer John Retzos, by the owner of the equipment, Howard Boykin of Roanoke. The tires, worth $1000, were taken from the property at 7300 Vanguard Court.

12/04/04 Criminal Mischief at 4522 Shadywood Lane. Officer Doug Huseman reported the resident refused to pursue charges when the home and yard were discovered to be draped in Toilet Paper.

12/04/04 Criminal Mischief; this time the metal back door was kicked in at the Parks Department Building (former home of the Police Department) at 5201 Bransford Road. The door sustained approximately $100 damage.

12/04/04 Theft of a Cargo trailer and contents parked inside a fenced area at Leonard's Printing, 7111 Colleyville Blvd. The trailer is owned by Lawrence Helmke of Euless. Officer Doug Huseman's detailed report indicates the black, sky-lighted, custom made Pace 5' x 10' trailer was valued at $4000. Additionally, a motorcycle wheel guide, 16 motorcycle straps, silver tool box, hydraulic jack, trailer plug, screwdriver, 100' extension cord, silver tire gauge, bungee straps, 4 padlocks, trailer tongue, spare tire, chrome wheels with accessories, 4" receiver ball hitch, 3 fishing poles, knee board, and an expired boat license plate were also taken with the trailer.

12/04/04 Theft of $95 cash from a visiting cheerleader while she was at Colleyville Heritage High School. Officer Tim Osborn was able to find the money, and arrested a juvenile for the theft.

12/03/04 Criminal Mischief or really bad golf at 5600 Normandy Court. The $400 front window of the house was broken by a golf ball, according to the report filed by Officer John Arenz.

12/03/04 Burglary of a Habitation at 2000 Renfro Drive. Ingasaw 1hp air compressor ($300), gas powered lawn blower ($230), and a black hand grinder ($65) were taken.

12/02/04 Burglary of a Habitation at 4808 Cranbrook Drive, West. Known offender took $1400 in cash, bank check for $616, but returned it later. Victim told Officer Tim Osborn he chose not to prosecute.

12/02/04 Burglary of a Coin Operated Machine at the Colleyville Post Office, 1501 Hall Johnson Road. Officer Kevin Maddux took a report from the Pitney Bowes machine representative, who indicated $100 cash was taken. No additional information was provided to the Colleyville Police Department.

12/01/04 Theft of a locked, black $19,000 Corvette during the night from the resident's gated driveway at 2006 Caspian Lane. Officer Ron McFadden took the report and Detective Hillary Wreay is running the open investigation.

12/10/04 Information complaint from a Keller resident who suspects a former employee of Lifetime Fitness, back before it opened in August, is unlawfully  using her credit card for personal purchases. The purchases made in August were in Plano, and the case was referred to the Plano P.D.

11/30/04 Officer Kevin Maddux responded to Suspicious Person call. Offender was reported to be on foot, in front of a residence at 4800 Mill View Court.

11/30/04 Damage to a Volvo at 3900 Glade Road. The right rear and right front door window was damaged.

11/30/04 Burglary of a Building at Park Avenue Cleaners, 5611 Colleyville Boulevard, was investigated by Officer Doug Huseman. Cash money in the amount of $80 was taken.

11/30/04 Debit Card Abuse was reported by a 21 year old victim who is a resident of 304 Bandit Trail.

11/30/04 Theft of landscape lights ($90) and a battery for the electric driveway gate ($60) were stolen from 6000 Chestnut Bend, according to the report taken by Officer Jennifer Holderead. 

11/29/04 Criminal Mischief at 5104 Green Hill Lane. The female resident reports two strands of Christmas Lights were cut by unknown suspect(s). Damage was $10.

11/25/04 Alarm Call was discovered by Officer Bob Etheridge to be a false alarm, at 2401 Arbor Trail.

11/24/04 Domestic Disturbance call responded to by Officer Kevin Walling, at 417 Live Oak. No violence was reported.

11/24/04 Theft at the newly opened Taco Casa, 4609 Colleyville Boulevard. Reporting person told Officer Ronald McFadden that an employee stole $120 cash from a register. Detective Hillary Wreay is handling the open investigation.

The following is the Booking Report for all arrestees that were checked in through the Colleyville Justice Center jail facility for the period between December 3, 2004, and December 9, 2004.
All parties are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 
Names in Bold Type were arrested on drug or alcohol related charges:

JERRY GEORGE PENTONEY, Colleyville PD-Assault with Bodily Injury/Family Violence. Charged by Officer Kevin Walling at 3:42 PM on 12/09/04. Not released as of 12/10/04.

SEAN COLBY COCHRAN, Colleyville warrants for Expired License Plate, Expired Inspection Sticker, Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility, three Failure to Appear. Johnson County Sheriffs Office warrant for Speeding. Charged by Officer Malinda Spence at 1:25 AM on 12/08/04. Not released as of 12/10/04.

ROBERT TERRENCE HANCOCK, Colleyville warrants for Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility, Speeding, Expired License Plate, three Failure To Appear. Charged by Officer Kevin Maddux at 11:02 AM on 12/07/04. Released at 8:15 AM on 12/10/04.

STEVEN ASHLEY BRAUDRICK, Colleyville warrants for Expired License Plate, Expired Inspection Sticker, Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility, Failure To Appear. Charged by Officer Kevin Maddux at 12:16 PM on 12/06/04. Released with Time Served and 30 days to pay the balance of the fine, per Judge, at 6:00 AM on 12/08/04.

CHRISTOPHER EDWARD HERMEY, Colleyville warrants for Ran Stop Sign, Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility, two Failure To Appear. Charged by Officer Kevin Maddux at 10:34 AM on 12/05/04. Released with 60 days to pay balance, on 12/06/04.

DONALD JEFF WILKIE, Hurst warrant for Disobey Traffic Control Signal. Charged by Officer John Arenz at 3:31 AM on 12/05/04. Paid Bond, released at 4:05 AM on 12/05/04.

JUSTIN RICHARD FORD, Colleyville warrants (2); specifics not available. Euless warrants (2); specifics not available. Charged by Officer Jennifer Holderead at 12:48 AM on 12/04/04. Released, paid bond, at 1:00 AM on 12/04/04.

EDWARD LAFAYETTE BROWN, Colleyville PD-Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Charged by Officer Greg Prewitt at 7:28 PM on 12/03/04. Released at 7:35 AM on 12/04/04. 

RUSSELL EDWARD WIRTZ, Colleyville PD-Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility, Theft-Class C. Charged by Officer Raymon Cannon at 2:07 PM on 12/03/04. Time Served, per Judge Ames, at 12:01 AM on 12/05/04. 

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